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The robust composite skeleton of a Neandertal (left) is unmistakably different from that of a modern human (right). G.J. Sawyer and Blaine Maley

Credit: Ken Mowbray and Blaine Maley, American Museum of Natural History.

Staff completing sequencing projects at the 454 Sequencing Center located in Branford, CT. Source: 454 Life Sciences.

Due to sample contamination, the task of sequencing the Neandertal genome is much more extensive than the task of sequencing the human genome. 454 Life Sciences' Genome Sequencer 20 System makes such an endeavor feasible by allowing approximately a quarter of a million single DNA strands from small amounts of bone to be sequenced in only about five hours by a single machine.

Source: 454 Life Sciences.

Exploring the Genetic Code of the Neanderthal

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Talk of the Nation, November 17, 2006 ·
Scientists have sequenced DNA from one of humans' closest relatives, the Neanderthal.
Guests examine what that prehistoric genetic code might tell us about how these early hominids lived, and why they became extinct.
Can the genetic code also answer the question of whether Neanderthals and modern humans interbred?